The Name: The Lost World was the title of the very first film ever made about dinosaurs in 1925. It was based on an Arthur Conan Doyle story of the same name. No, Steven Spielberg wasn't the first to use it. When I was looking for a business name I decided to use the old title because, like most kids, dinosaurs were always the reptiles of my dreams.

Who Is Lost World Reptiles: My name is Gino Sassani. I have been collecting reptiles since I was a young boy in Reading, Pa. In the early 80's I "accidentally" bred a pair of snakes that I thought weren't even supposed to breed. (One was a female yellow rat and the other was a corn snake I thought was also a female). Incubating the eggs and finally seeing them hatch sparked a hobby that soon got out of control. I've been breeding snakes ever since.

I am assisted in my work by my wife Ellen.

Vet services are provided by Margaret A. Wissman, D.V.M. @ Exotic Pet Vet

Snake Species: We breed strictly colubrid snakes. We specialize in many forms of corn snakes, California kingsnakes, and Florida kingsnakes. We also breed pines, bulls, gophers, and other types of king and rat snakes.

Where Is Lost World Reptiles: We are located in sunny Tampa Florida.

What Do We Do: Lost World Reptiles is basically a breeding enterprise. We are currently experimenting with various breeding projects. We do not have a retail store. See our books page for snake-related books. We sell our hatchlings primarily at reptile shows, mostly in the Tampa Bay area. We also wholesale our animals to many pet shops and distribution outlets. I often participate in reptile educational programs at local libraries and schools.

Our Goals: We pride ourselves on our accessibility and personal attention to our customers. We hope to introduce new herpers to this exciting field by making it a positive experience and ensuring they are given the necessary help and information to be successful.